Dentistry & Wonder Woman

What does dentistry and DC Comic’s Wonder Woman have in common? Apparently, me. For my holistic dentist, the sheer enjoyment of this epic comic turned cinematic film translated into a witty and insightful banter with his patient.

After completing the majority of my dental cleaning with my personable dental hygienist, my dentist ascertains my dental health and addresses any concerns. Thus far in life, my dental health remains wonderful. One less thing to worry about and remain grateful for. Upon entry into my little dental hygiene exam room, we exchanged jovial banter about how my outward appearance really provided cover for my alter ego. (As a disclaimer, my dentist and many of the dental hygienist are devout Christians.)

Strip away the thoughtful, sweet exterior clad in a cardigan and tasteful skirt and beneath would emerge a rapscalion and wildness. He turned to my dental hygienist inquiring, “have you seen any superhero outfits peeking out?” She laughed. He deeply pondered.

“No! Now I know! I know who you are. You’re Wonder Woman!”

I laughed puzzled. He proceeded to explain how Wonder Woman was part god part human. Similar to Superman or Clark Kent, she wore unassuming attire and glasses ( I wear glasses.) Then she transformed into a remarkable and striking heroine. Part humility. Part fearsome sight to behold. I believe my dentist captured something.

Many faithful, virtuous Christians or people in general are unassuming, behind the scenes, not flamboyant, and not flashy externally. Beneath the surface, however, lies a courage and humilty that transforms people, places, and lives. Yes, we have saints that led lives of heroic virtue in public or memorable manners. But we direly need everyday saints. The Wonder Women and Supermen that live everyday, mundane lives with superhuman or “heroic” virtue as their shield or cloak peeking out from under the everyday.

But my superhero outfit comes complete with privacy shorts.

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