February is Catholic Romance Month

What does a Catholic romance look, feel, and act like? Does it differ from other Christian relationships? Do our heartfelt relationships follow swoon worthy scripts of the popular romantic comedy? The Notebook? P.S. I Love You? Or do our "rigid" moral teachings, practices, and beliefs squelch the passion and pleasure of erotic love? Catholic romances … Continue reading February is Catholic Romance Month

Cowboy Ethics: The Code of the West

I'm not a Cowboy. I was not raised by Cowboy. But I learned something from Cowboys. Over the past 4.5 years, I visited family for months at a time in the rugged, majestic State of Wyoming. Where the colors brown and gold permeate the landscape and culture. Where wild horses roam free. Where cows outnumber … Continue reading Cowboy Ethics: The Code of the West

“How Are You Today?” GIF Response Guide

This is an interpretive guide to the many colorful verbal and non-verbal responses a person with chronic health conditions may respond with to the seemingly non-threatening inquiry into their health and well-being: "How are You Today?" 1.) Rolls eyes & no verbal response: Said individual heard, "What is your problem?" instead of, "How are you … Continue reading “How Are You Today?” GIF Response Guide