Cultivating Joy: 2019 Lenten Reflections

Rockaway Beach, OR My Catholic Counselor in a recent session, asked me, "Where do you find joy?" Everywhere. . . According to Pope Francis, "Joy is the air Christian's breathe." Explaining even further in his May 2018 homily, Pope Francis elaborated, " Joy does not mean living from laugh to laugh. No, it’s not that. … Continue reading Cultivating Joy: 2019 Lenten Reflections

Towards the Top- Easter 2018

Holy Week and the Easter Season 2018 did not fall into my well-intended, personal plans. Instead God took me on another journey asking me to let go of the control I grasped onto over my spiritual life and the manner in which I desired to enter into Holy Week and the Easter Season. There is … Continue reading Towards the Top- Easter 2018

Yes, Jesus, asked us to Love His Mother!

I must mention Our Lady during the week of cultivating meekness and weeding out wrath. She provides an important and beautiful example of the profound strength of a meek heart. Are you seeking intimacy with Christ? Who is a profound example of intimacy with Christ? Who should I turn to? Who should I model? Turn … Continue reading Yes, Jesus, asked us to Love His Mother!

Cultivating the Fruit of Meekness

Does meekness equate to being a Christian doormat? Absolutely, not. Instead Christ exhibits meekness as strength with a tender touch. This word has been misconstrued and turned into a negative in our modern era, because we don't understand what we reject. What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Where does the idea come from? … Continue reading Cultivating the Fruit of Meekness

Preparing Your Garden

I wanted to share some Lenten Inspiration. My theme for Lent this Year is preparing Your Garden for the Lord- weeding out vice and planting seeds of virtue. May your Lent be transformative and informative! In the cool of the day You come and meet me All the blue fades away The stars are winking … Continue reading Preparing Your Garden

Alms . . . What? Almsgiving.

This Lent I decided to move my serious almsgiving deliberation into deliberate action. Though I still have student loans incurred at a Catholic Institution and an active member in my parish, I'm not a child anymore. My faith needed to grow in a practical manner. According to the USCCB (United States Catholic Conference of Catholic … Continue reading Alms . . . What? Almsgiving.

What Did You Give Up For Lent?

"What Did you Give Up for Lent?" My friend asked me at choir rehearsal last night. I hesitated because I wasn't sure. In the past few years, I opted for adding virtuous practices and moved away from the usual rubric of "giving up" or abstaining from things. Yes, the scandal of it all. I still … Continue reading What Did You Give Up For Lent?

St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Happy Feast Day of St. Andrew! The St. Andrew Christmas Novena or the Christmas Anticipation Novena begins TODAY, November 30th and goes until Christmas Eve, December 24th. The novena prayer is prayed 15 x's per day. This novena is a medieval novena with a legacy. Stories and legends surround this novena. Tradition states that woman … Continue reading St. Andrew Christmas Novena