Dear Creighton NFP (1 Year Later),

Approximately one year ago I wrote an open letter about Creighton NFP outlining my hope, fears, and frustrations. One Year later, I figured I should follow-up. Dear Creighton Model: Not only did you totally kick me in the keister, you pushed me to the boundaries of sheer sanity. NFP continues to affirm and heighten my belief … Continue reading Dear Creighton NFP (1 Year Later),

An Honest Letter About Creighton NFP

Dear Creighton Model: You totally kicked me in the keister. Learning about you has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. The more I learn the more that learning curve and the knowledge acquired affirms and heightens my belief that there IS A GOD, and I'm not God. Wholly smokes! … Continue reading An Honest Letter About Creighton NFP