Free Will: Freedom & Consequences

I wonder if how I feel presently about living with the free will choices of another mirrors in any minute capacity how God feels? Except God wouldn't feel helpless or hopeless because He is the Alpha and Omega. The I AM. But I wonder if God feels a profound sadness and sorrow when He must … Continue reading Free Will: Freedom & Consequences

When You’re Tired of Fighting . . .

". . . Chained by your control. There is freedom in surrender. Lay it down, and let it go." This is a poignant line in Casting Crown's song "Be Held." A song with a message that came into my life two years ago. A recent conversation with one of my best friends prompted this post. … Continue reading When You’re Tired of Fighting . . .

Too Mas

Fr. Robert Spitzer wrote a book entitled "The Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life." Contained within the chapter exploring prayer, my former university president suggests certain forms of spontaneous prayer. Every moment of every day is an opportunity for prayer. Particular prayers that ring true recently include "Help me, God!" Or "help!" Or "you take … Continue reading Too Mas

Dear Creighton NFP (1 Year Later),

Approximately one year ago I wrote an open letter about Creighton NFP outlining my hope, fears, and frustrations. One Year later, I figured I should follow-up. Dear Creighton Model: Not only did you totally kick me in the keister, you pushed me to the boundaries of sheer sanity. NFP continues to affirm and heighten my belief … Continue reading Dear Creighton NFP (1 Year Later),

Faith Should Be A Love Affair

"Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair." G.K. Chesterton After talking to my beloved I said: Religion should be a love affair. Faith should be a love affair. We all desire love, but most of us are afraid of the greatest love and love affair we could ever … Continue reading Faith Should Be A Love Affair

Medical Zebras

Today I read an article on BBC News about a young woman who competes in Beauty Pageants with a rare genetic connective tissue condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). An article highlighting a beauty queen with a 25 inch scar down her fused spine was worth a read. This young woman, Victoria Graham, started a charitable … Continue reading Medical Zebras

Life & Love with Chronic Illness

As the years of my life unfold, my medical record lengthens and complications arise. My life isn’t over. My ability to love isn’t less. It may be even more. There is something to maturation with age. Young enough at twenty-seven to not accept the status quo, challenge the system, and fight passionately for my goals, … Continue reading Life & Love with Chronic Illness

Thy Will Be Done . . . Broken Yet Whole

After my retreat last May led me to hours of Christian music listening, I've heard various songs by Christian artist that I have no clue who they are, but I like the song. Recently, Hillary Scott's single "Thy Will" stood out amid the feel good pop Christian music. I recognized a certain authenticity and grittiness … Continue reading Thy Will Be Done . . . Broken Yet Whole

U.S. Catholic Christian Voting & Faithful Citizenship

Election Day on November 8th is fast approaching. Presidential and Vice Presidential debates ensue. People take stances or the lack therefore. Families argue. Friends argue. Catholics argue. Not to be too blunt, but evil feeds off of discord. If you've ever read C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, you know that the little forces or the little … Continue reading U.S. Catholic Christian Voting & Faithful Citizenship

When I Didn’t Put A Ring on It

This past weekend my friend and fellow bridesmaid and I made the trek (okay, it's really not an arduous drive) from Eastern Washington to Western Washington for our mutual, good friend's bridal shower in Lake Stevens, WA. My friend, who was driving, married her husband 2 years ago in a Western Washington Catholic wedding.  She … Continue reading When I Didn’t Put A Ring on It