Feed Your Soul: Morning Prayer

Seeking food for your soul? Establish a morning prayer routine. Identify and designate certain prayers you consistently pray and then expand with petition and thanksgiving. Waking up and praying a Morning Offering helps focus your heart and mind to recognize the most important reality- God and Heaven and your purpose here on this earth. Then I encourage praying prayers of Consecration or devotion to favorite or meaningful saints, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Our Lady.

Below begins my morning prayer routine that kicks start my day:

FaithFaith (1)Faith (2)


May God Bless You & Keep You!

Breakfast the Most Challenging Meal of the Day. SOLUTION: My Morning Shakes

Whether your seeking health and wellness and/or you have a tumultuous relationship with food, breakfast begins your nourishment for the day. For years, I skipped breakfast or limited my food intake due to varying levels of nausea and the sensation my digestive system didn’t wake up until 10-11 am. I also don’t enjoy most breakfast foods.

Once you’re an adult, skipping breakfast becomes more difficult as your body changes with age and your responsibilities/ schedule change. With my development of chronic and complicated migraines, skipping morning sustenance increased my headaches and propensity for migraines.

The solution: My Dad participated in a corporate wellness research program as a data analyst. A local manufacturing plant’s human resource department wanted to increase the health and wellness of their employees. Part of the experimental program involved morning “health shakes” that replaced breakfast but provided essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through raw food. The stats proved significant increase in health indicators and markers in the bloodstream plus weight loss or maintenance.

My Dad brought his work project home and introduced it to my mom and I. Now these shakes are a staple in our morning routines. Instead of feeling grossed out by food in the morning, not only do I tolerate but enjoy the shakes most morning (not always but the alternative is worse.) I blend the shake 5-6 days of the week, and take a break once at least once a week.

My Morning Shakes:

  • Organic Unsweetened Cherries
  • Organic Berry Blend- Blackberries/Strawberries/Blueberries
  • Organic Power Greens- Kale/Spinach/Salad Greens
  • 1/2 Banana
  • Filtered Water

Other Options:

  • More or Less of any of the above
  • Slices of Avocado- protein


I use a Magic Bullet Blender or a Ninja Blender with the tall glass attachment. I’m guessing my shake is around 16 oz. The process is simple stuff it all in and blend with water until the desires consistency. My blend includes 4-5 cherries,  1/4 water berries, 1/3-1/2 power greens, 1/2 banana, and filtered water.

Enjoy-Nourish your body & your soul! Happy New Year!



Christ is Everywhere

I usually post with a purpose. A clear direction or thought comes to mind. I pray. I discern. I write. I edit. I post. This post is a free form post. A spur of the moment idea. An inner whisper.

Recently I witnessed God in surprising places. Sometimes, not very often, I “hide” from God which is a total moot point, but the inner concupiscence and control- freak tendencies bubble to the surface. So I hide from God. And instead He meets me in the unlikely of place with a smile and outstretched hand.

To be fair to myself, when I say run from God, I mean more of a toddler’s perspective. Where you do something really bad for five minutes and then confess to your parents 10 minutes later. Anyways, where did I find God?

1.) The Red Panda Exhibit:

If you don’t know what a Red Panda is you need to research one pronto. My mom and I were eating an Endangered Species Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Creme Bar about a year ago. On the wrapper was one of the cutest, colorful, and fuzzy little critters on God’s green earth. I didn’t expect to see a Red Panda in-person, let alone four (two being rambunctiously adorable siblings.) As I watched the two siblings make adorable huffing noises, climb up trees and hammocks, and just be generally adorable, I realized that is how God views us too (us being people.) Humans are suppose to have a childlike love for life and trust in their loving Creator- God. My love for Red Pandas only vaguely mirrored God’s love for each and every one of us from conception to natural death.

2.) Texas Roadhouse

On the way back from the Zoo (red pandas, penguins, and other critters included,) I became very nonchalant about food. Food and I have never “gotten along.” Between running highly acidic from a chronic kidney condition and negative coping mechanisms learned from emotional abuse by a grandmother, food and I don’t have the healthiest relationship. Anyho, I still managed a twinge of excitement at the prospect of Texas Roadhouse which pleasantly surprised my friend. Entering the rather dimly lit, rambunctious eatery, I ordered my 6oz.sirlion medium well. I proceeded to eat bread, salad, steak, and baked potato (with butter.) Blissfully enjoying a mandatory requirement of human life, my friend chuckled about how well I had eaten and what a blessing it was. Then I realized God always, despite my human limitations around food, wanted me to enjoy food, life, eating, etc. in a healthy but wholesome way. God enjoyed my meal with Him in Texas Roadhouse.

3.) Eucharistic Adoration

After Sunday evening Mass, I asked the pastor where their Eucharistic Adoration chapel was. He proceeded to not only tell me but showed me and provided coded access to the chapel. Not only the pastoral kindness of the priest but sitting before Our Lord in a Eucharistic Chapel filled an immense void in my heart and soul. Even though the monstrance was veiled because another evening Mass was being celebrated, I knew behind those iron doors sat my past, present, and future. Praying the Our Lady the Undoer of Knots Novena in that little chapel brought new meaning to knots and knots being undone, even the knot of running from God even for five minutes. The veiling of the monstrance didn’t stop me from feeling His presence. Like I said, you can run but you can’t hide.