A Culture of Irreverence

When I began reflecting on three words that popped into my mind during the 2020 Christmas Season (words, burdens, & irreverence), a seasonal search for Christmas ornaments on the Esty fueled the third word: irreverence. When I began reading Alice von Hildebrand's By Love Refined: Letters to a Young Bride a couple years ago, her … Continue reading A Culture of Irreverence

Adding to Suffering

As we continue through the desert experience of Lent with prayer, penance, and fasting in hopeful anticipation of the Resurrection on Easter, I share a second word and thought that came to mind during the past few months. A universal attribute mankind shares is each of us carry a burden or burdens whether we want … Continue reading Adding to Suffering

The Responsibility of Words

Reflecting on 2020 and the early happenings of 2021, a few words popped into my heart and mind. The more time I spend on social media and popular media, I feel more keenly the stinging, unsavory, or careless impact of words. As I scroll through the noise, words, words, and more words, whether spoken or … Continue reading The Responsibility of Words