Preparing Your Garden

I wanted to share some Lenten Inspiration. My theme for Lent this Year is preparing Your Garden for the Lord- weeding out vice and planting seeds of virtue. May your Lent be transformative and informative! In the cool of the day You come and meet me All the blue fades away The stars are winking … Continue reading Preparing Your Garden

Abandonemnt: Steubenville NW & Charles Foucauld

Recently, I volunteered at Steubenville NW Youth Conference where I followed Jesus from the basement chapel to the opera house theater in which the Eucharistic procession took place. Darkened and filled with almost 1,300 youth, volunteers, priests, and religious, we all fell onto our knees before our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. Though I've had "my … Continue reading Abandonemnt: Steubenville NW & Charles Foucauld