By Love Refined, Made Purer in the Crucible of Relationship

Photo Credit: Isaiah Eyre Photography My respect for any type of relationship has grown through the years especially intimate relationships that endeavor to uphold good and godly virtues amid the maelstrom of brokenness and confusion about God's design and purpose for male and female relationships. The word dating can harbor more feelings of anxiety, trepidation, … Continue reading By Love Refined, Made Purer in the Crucible of Relationship

February: The Month of Love

As we enter the month of February when stores are awash with merchandise sporting pinks, reds, and purples, consider that the first boundary of respecting yourself and others is your . . . SKIN. Reflect for a moment what skin does for our bodies. Our dermal layer protects us from dirt, disease, germs, injuries, and … Continue reading February: The Month of Love

Who’s On First? Reclaiming the Kiss

original publication at ChurchPop. 2015. Most individuals can hardly imagine a world where couples save their first kiss for their wedding day. Others find the sentiment sweet but unreasonable. Others mock the awkwardness or imperfectness of a public first kiss. Deep down, I think those people are unsatisfied, restless, possibly jealous, because they desire something … Continue reading Who’s On First? Reclaiming the Kiss